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In 1997, Advanced Foam Recycling began providing and processing polyurethane foam and has since grown to be the largest scrap foam supplier to the carpet cushion industry. Today, we have expanded our expertise to include contract filling of fiberfill, all natural down and custom foam blends for furniture, bean bags, pillows, pet bedding and other home goods. 

We provide fullfillment and Cut & Sew for some of the largest home textile brands and, with pride, execute the most competitive priced quality pieces in the market.

In our distribution department, supervisors are well versed in law label requirements of the U.S. government and any differences required by specific stares.  Each product is carefully made, weighed for accuracy, and inspected for quality assurance.  Data is captured for each product piece, and the item is then prepared for label and shipping.  

Storage in our secure warehouses ensures the opportunity to keep inventory in both Fort Worth and Mineral Wells facilities. 

Contract Filling


In addition to our core business of processing polyurethane foam (PU) for the carpet underlay industry, we have expanded our expertise to the pet bed, pillow and furniture industries.  Due to our unique ability to process various grades of foam and fiber, AFR has made substantial headway using nonstandard material grades that help lower the overall cost of material for our customers. Today, AFR safely makes a high quality mix of blended foam customized to each of our customers' specific needs for color, density and firmness and consistency from one item to the next is key when producing consumer goods, so our furniture line uses only the highest quality grade of foam trimmings.

Our business model is to continue to stay ahead of our competition by creating unique products using fiber and polyurethane foam products and saving landfills one pound at a time.

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